What Tullamore Toastmasters means to me

For me the Tullamore Toastmasters Club is much more than a place where I can develop my public speaking and leadership skills. It is a social outlet, a place where I have met and learned from new people. Our club is an eclectic mix of fun and interesting characters and of young and old spanning 7 decades! Everyone is non judgmental and gently encourages each other to progress. Why I love our club is that I have learned to laugh at myself and to not care as much if a topic comes up which I know nothing about and believe me this has happened many times! I am not as au fait with general knowledge (sport,history, politics or basically anything that’s happening in the news) as some of the other members but it doesn’t really matter. Toastmasters is about building confidence and public speaking skills in a supportive and fun environment, it’s not about how much you know.

Since I joined our club over a year ago I certainly feel my confidence has grown and although I still shy away from topics I look forward to some day meeting that challenge head on.

Jennifer Dillon

Club PRO 2011/12

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