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Hans Rosling makes data sing

Hans Rosling has some very interesting things to say about the developing world and about the need for open access to statistical information. From a Toastmasters perspective, though, his talks also serve as an excellent demonstration on how to use visual aids while giving presentations.

I’ve seen some interesting things happen at Toastmaster meetings, but not yet sword-swallowing. Maybe one day.

Tullamore Toastmasters 2013

Tullamore Toastmasters will resume meeting in the new year on Thursday the 3rd of January. See you all then!

Party tomorrow night!

To correct my previous post, which I got wrong. (My brain is like a sieve, as one of my teachers in school used to tell me.)

Tullamore Toastmasters are having their last meeting of the year tomorrow night, the 6th of December, in the Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre on Bury Quay, Tullamore. This will be partly a normal Toastmasters meeting, and partly a party.

Normal meetings will resume in January.

The year turns

UPDATE: I got the details wrong in the post below. See corrected post.

We’re approaching the end of 2012. Has it been a good year for you? It has been for me, in the main.

Tullamore Toastmasters have only two meetings left this year: a standard meeting this week, on Thursday the 6th of December, and then the Christmas Party before we close down for the holidays.

All systems go for 2013!