Meeting report for Thursday 26th of February, 2015

March could be coming in like a lion with all the snow sleet and cold, but it’s a welcome reminder of how things can change overnight and you wake up to the beautiful sight of the landscape covered with snow and a three-and-a-half-year-old pulling you by the hand out of bed to go and build a snowman.

Toastmasters on Thursday night was a warm comfortable respite from the weather that kids love so much. Last Thursday night offered similar thrills and spills (adult style). It offered a great mixture of humour, inspiration and energy that left mind and body fully recharged by the end of the night.

We kicked off with the topics ably presided over by Fionnuala, giving out such thought provoking topics as travel, finance and the animal world. The break for the tea brought the usual buzz of conversation and overflow from the topics, and then back for the prepared speeches of which there were two. Dolores commanded the stage as she delivered a speech about a near miss when they left a lighthouse late to get back to shore. The audience were fully gripped by the suspense and the terror of Dolores and the people in the rescue mission. Charles gave us the second speech where he enthusiastically relived a period of history where Offaly won the Hurling All Ireland in 1998. He gave us a vivid blow-by-blow account of the cut and thrust of Championship hurling, bringing Matt Busby’s saying to life ‘Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.’ Maggie gave the overall evaluation of the night which was glowing and positive and delivered with confidence and ease. Overall a very entertaining and inspiring night.

Our meeting takes place every second Thursday night in the Tullamore Court Hotel. Next meeting will be Thursday 12th of March at 8.30pm. Find us at or follow us on Facebook. Till the next time, check out Toastmasters to solve any stormy conditions in life.

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