Hans Rosling makes data sing

Hans Rosling has some very interesting things to say about the developing world and about the need for open access to statistical information. From a Toastmasters perspective, though, his talks also serve as an excellent demonstration on how to use visual aids while giving presentations.

I’ve seen some interesting things happen at Toastmaster meetings, but not yet sword-swallowing. Maybe one day.

How web video powers global innovation – Chris Anderson

We love TED Talks here at Tullamore Toastmasters. Here’s a really good talk by Chris Anderson on the influence of video which shows how people are now learning new skills (dance,educational,speaking) online. Through video ideas are spreading faster and to a widener audience connecting people on a global level. He makes an interesting point that speakers are learning from online video improving their techniques, sometimes spending up to 6 months preparing for a 20 minute speech, raising the bar for all who follow. Yikes!

Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Paradigms

Its always good to learn from other public speakers whether they be fellow toastmasters, colleagues, lecturers or a public figure icon. A great place to check out inspirational talks is Ted Talks or The RSA. One of my favorites is a talk by Sir Ken Robinson entitled ‘Changing Paradigms’ in which he makes a compelling case for how schools are killing creativity. The full talk is almost an hour long and can be viewed here

The RSA has produced a wonderful animated version of highlights of the talk. Here it is: